Esra Durukan
Cakes for Sale

Hi! Welcome to CakeTV. CakeTV is a cookshow for cakes of architecture. It is also a place to hold conversations and learn through cake making.

In CakeTV we will exchange skills, rethink representational techniques, define new tools through model m(b)aking. Check our recipes and contact us if you want to collaborate or chat. You can bake anything that looks like a monument from Victor Emmanual II to John Hejduk. Please check out the drawing sets, bake one then send your video and photos of your cake. Don’t forget to subscribe, give us a like and share.

  • Andrea Sanchez
  • Idil Onen + Jordan Skinner
  • Melinda Denn
  • Tom Ferrer
  • Johan Wijesinghe
  • Christina Moushoul
  • Violetta Abi-Naked
  • Cynthia Abi-Naked

Thank you.

To my thesis advisors Sylvia Lavin and Michael Meredith.

To my bakers:
Andrea Sanchez
Idil Onen and Jordan Skinner
Cynthia Abi-Naked
Tom Ferrer
Via Abi-Naked

Melinda Denn and Christina Moushoul
(Special thanks for joining to the Zoom Cakeroom for a conversation)